Incredible Earth!


Photos by various photographers who really deserve to be identified more prominently 

Play Bac Publishing, 2008

Incredible Earth! Nature is truly as ferocious as it is magnificent…We will dive deep into dark oceans; fly over beautiful yet dangerous lakes; stand in awe of landscapes that appear more alien than familiar; marvel at miraculous sculptures created in rock, ice, sand, and salt; and peer into volcanic craters that bubble like witches’ cauldrons!

$12.95 is a reasonable price to pay to go around the world. I stumbled upon this glossy, bright hardback at the University of New Mexico book store in Albuquerque. It was the only copy and I immediately bought it. The enormous, up-close-and- personal pictures take you on a whirlwind trip. See Mount Pinatubo, the Phillipine volcano, majestically exploding! 120 million red crabs on Australia’s Christmas Island!  A melting iceberg that looks like a giant dining room table! Once I win the lottery (or find a kind and generous benefactor,) I will use this as a travel guide.

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