Ladybug Girl


By David Soman and Jacky Davis

Dial Books, 2008

After breakfast, Mama says, “Papa and I have work to do around the house. You’ll have to figure out your own fun time, okay?” “How am I ever going to do that?” asks Lulu. “You can do anything, Lulu. You’re Ladybug Girl!”

When Lulu’s parents are busy, Lulu is doubtful she can find anything to do on her own. To make matters worse, her older brother goes off to play baseball with his friends, chiding, “You’re too little.” Fortunately, Lulu finds that as Ladybug Girl, there are plenty of fun things she can do on her own. (Not to mention brave tasks to accomplish — some puddles are shark-infested, you know.) With her faithful basset hound, Bingo, at her side, Lulu turns a potentially boring morning into a fabulous adventure. David Soman’s illustrations are utterly charming; it takes my kids and me a full five minutes to get past the front cover of the book, which shows Lulu dressed in a variety of fabulous costumes, from a space explorer in a bubble-shaped helmet to a hilariously haughty movie star — sort of Ginger of “Gilligan’s Island” meets Jackie O. But the red tutu and rockin’ ladybug boots are by far, my favorite. I’d totally wear them if they came in my size.

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