Full House


By Dayle Ann Dodds, Illustrated by Abby Carter

Candlewick Press, 2007

The Strawberry Inn was run by Miss Bloom. Happy was she to fill every room. With one for herself and five for the guests, there were six rooms in all for a cozy night’s rest.

A picture book which bills itself as an “invitation to fractions?” That’s just asking for disaster. But Full House (without an Olsen twin in sight, not to worry) manages to be clever, informative and also engaging. My son agreed with me, and he abhors anything that gives off the merest whiff  of overeager “teachiness.” (Sorry, Sid the Science Kid.) Told in a rhyming narrative that never overreaches, Full House follows Miss Bloom, owner of the quaint Strawberry Inn, one day, as she fills up all six rooms with a cast of characters. A little shout-out to Miss Clavel’s in here, which I am considering endearing tribute, not plagiarism.

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