The Paperboy


Story and paintings by Dav Pilkey

Scholastic, 1996

The mornings of the paperboy are still dark and they are always cold even in the summer. And on these cold mornings the paperboy’s bed is still warm and it is always hard to get out — even for his dog…but they do.

If I had to pick one children’s book author to be stuck on a desert island with, I might very well choose Dav Pilkey. Pre-children, I was highly suspicious of the Captain Underpants series, but they quickly won me over — not only because of the scatological hilarity which I am helpless to resist, but because they’re so damn well written. People always forget: humor is harder to write than pathos. But Pilkey’s a two-fer; he can write poetic and starry-eyed with the best of ’em. Just look at The Paperboy, the Caldecott Honor book which follows a young boy and his dog on their early morning paper route. Using very few words (but they’re oh so carefully chosen), Pilkey reminds us that the deepest sense of joy can be found in the simplest of pleasures.

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