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Daisy the Doctor


By Felicity Brooks, Illustrated by Jo Litchfield

Usborne, 2004

“Good morning,” says Alice cheerfully. “You have lots of patients to see today.”

Daisy is the perfect primer for wanna-be doctors (or toddlers who just like wielding a plastic otoscope.) Follow Doctor Daisy Flowers as she drops her son, Ben, off at school and, fighting traffic in her Mini Cooper, zips over to the Medical Center where she “helps people stay healthy and treats them when they are sick.” The vocabulary — “antibiotics,” “painkillers,” “asthma,” “eczema” — isn’t dumbed down for kids, nor is Daisy’s day.  (At one point, she has to deal with a boy with a badly bleeding arm, but does so in a calm, matter-of-fact manner all parents would like to be able to emulate.) Even more worthy of props, though, is the diversity of characters here. The Fimo clay models (which a friend of mine thinks are creepy, but which I am quite fond of) range in ethnicity and abilities. Doctor Ashwin Kapoor is my favorite; the way his name rolls off your tongue, he could be a correspondent for NPR.

There are more books in this series worth checking out, including but not limited to Sam the Chef, Fred the Firefighter, Tessa the Teacher, and Vicky the Vet. It’s great fun to find recurring characters lingering in the background of each.

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