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Bread and Jam for Frances


By Russell Hoban, Pictures by Lillian Hoban

Harper & Row, 1964

It was breakfast time and everyone was at the table. Father was eating his egg. Mother was eating her egg. Gloria was sitting in a high chair and eating her egg too. Frances was eating bread and jam…She did not eat her egg. She sang a little song to it: I do not like the way you slide,/I do not like your soft inside,/I do not like you lots of ways,/And I could do for many days/Without eggs.

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A Bargain for Frances


By Russell Hoban, pictures by Lillian Hoban

Harper & Row, 1970

“Being careful is not as much fun as being friends,” said Frances. “Do you want to be careful, or do you want to be friends?”

I’m lucky enough to still have the hardback copy of “Frances” I owned as a kid, complete with make-shift library card my sister made and glued to the inside cover. And the simple drawings and wry dialogue endear me just as much today as they did when I was five.  Frances, a little badger, is tricked by her good friend, Thelma, into buying a crappy plastic tea set so Thelma can purchase the beautiful china set Frances truly wants. Frances, after much careful thought and trademark singing, puts things right. Think of it as “Mean Girls” badger-style.

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