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Willa and the Wind


Retold by Janice M. Del Negro, illustrated by Heather Solomon

Marshall Cavendish,  2005.

Willa thought about having a fit and falling into it, but instead she marched off to pay a visit to Old Windy.

 “Willa” is based on a Norwegian folktale, “The Lad Who Went to the North Wind.” Hot-tempered, red-pigtailed Willa Rose Mariah McVale is pissed when the north wind blows the last bit of corneal right out of her bowl. “Well, don’t have a hissy,” her reasonable sister says. “If you want cornbread that badly, go get it.” And so she does, in spite of cantankerous Old Windy and a crooked innkeeper who thankfully, doesn’t turn out to be Mr. Right. The illustrations – rendered in watercolor, collage, acrylic and oil — are lovely. Heather Solomon is one of my all-time favorite illustrators. If I’d made more than a D- in my art history class in college, I’d be able to succinctly explain why. 

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