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The Baker’s Dozen


By Dan Andreasen

Henry Holt, 2007

The baker takes great care to make one cream eclair. In the oven he bakes two German chocolate cakes…

I had to smuggle this book out of my daughters’ bed to scan the cover you see above. An aspiring pastry chef (for now, at least), she’s been sleeping with this book every night since we found it at the library. It’s a short — and very sweet — counting book. (Pun intentional.) The jolliest baker you’ve ever seen spends his morning creating delectable treat after treat. I’ve never seen anyone enjoy their job so much. It’s something to aspire to.  The rhyming text is quietly efficient (kudos to Andreasen for finding something appropriate  to rhyme with “strudel”) but it’s the magical illustrations — which have a nostalgia about them — which elevate this book to “required reading” status.

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