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The Summer Snowman


by Gene Zion, Pictures by Margaret Bloy Graham

Harper & Row, 1955

On the last day of winter, when it snowed for the last time, Henry and his brother Pete made a little snowman…an especially small one. It was so much fun, they didn’t even hear their mother calling them for supper. That night when they went to bed, they tried to fall asleep but kept getting up and going to the window to look down at the little snowman standing in the cold, bright moonlight on their front lawn…Henry started to cry…”The moon will melt the snowman and in the morning he’ll be gone!”

Anxiety about a melting snowman can only mean one thing: Mom? Can you find me room in the freezer? But the narrative here goes a bit beyond that. Continue reading

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How Robin Saved Spring


By Debbie Ouellet, illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Christy Ottavino Books/Henry Holt, 2009.

 Robin thought hard. The only thing he owned of value was his beautiful singing voice. “I shall give you my voice,” he said. Chir-up, chir-ee, tweedle-ee-dee. He sang the grandest song ever heard.

You’ve got to bring your game if you’re collaborating with Italian illustrator Nicoletta  Ceccoli. Her images are so lush and luminous, you feel you could fall into the pages if you leaned just a little too forward. If the story isn’t equally compelling,  your end result is noticeably lopsided. (Case in point: “The Tear Thief.”) Happily,  “How Robin Saved Spring” tells a mesmerizing story: Lady Winter plots to keep her sister, Spring, asleep so the seasons won’t change and the world will stay cold and white forever. Led by Robin (yes, the bird, not Batman’s sidekick),  the animals of the forest – and a sensitive maple tree – attempt to wake Sister Spring, but all must pay a price for their bravery.  Quietly clever storytelling.

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