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It Was You, Blue Kangaroo!


By Emma Chichester Clark

Dell Dragonfly Books, 2001

Blue Kangaroo belonged to Lily. He was her very own kangaroo. Sometimes, when Lily was very naughty, she would say, “It was you, Blue Kangaroo!” And Blue Kangaroo would look at Lily but say nothing.

Emma Chichester Clark can do no wrong in my book. (I know it seems like all I do is gush, but that’s sort of the purpose of this blog. If I were to review every children’s book I read to my kids, there would be a heck of a lot more complaining going down.) Lily is a little girl with a big hair bow who, like all little girls with big hair bows, is equal parts tender sweetness and impish troublemaker. In this book from the consistently lovely¬†Blue Kangaroo series, Lily attempts to blame her parentally-frowned-upon activities (dressing a reluctant cat, throwing all her clothes out the window, etc.) on her ¬†beloved Blue Kangaroo. Lily’s mother, of course, knows better and what follows is a wonderful tale of loyalty and forgiveness. As usual, Chichester Clark’s bright, colorful illustrations manage to be fuzzily warm and slapsticky funny.

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